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For the love of brewed coffee…

Trade and Lore serves up quality coffee, beer and wine, and food in downtown Asheville from local and regional purveyors. Our coffee shop is located on historic Wall Street, known for its beautiful ginkgo trees, the Flat Iron sculpture, and cobblestone road. Whether you’re here to curl up with a warm coffee and pastry, or enjoy wine with friends, all are welcome and we’re glad to serve you.



coffee drinks
Drip Coffee #1
Cooperative Coffee Roasters - Asheville, NC
Los Naranjos - Huila, Colombia - Washed

Tastes like: grapefruit, toffee, plum
Drip Coffee #2
Cooperative Coffee Roasters - Asheville, NC
Bikunda Island - Neyamasheke, Rwanda - Natural Sun-Dried

Tastes like: strawberry, milk chocolate, silky body
Espresso #1
Cooperative Coffee Roasters - Asheville, NC
Los Naranjos - Huila, Colombia - Washed

Tastes like: grapefruit, toffee, plum
A double shot of espresso with 2 ounces of steamed milk.
A double shot of espresso with 4 ounces of steamed milk.
A double shot of espresso with 10 ounces of steamed milk.
A double shot of espresso in water.
Iced Latte
Chill Wave coffee and milk.
Iced Coffee
Flash-chilled iced coffee from a local favorite Chill Wave.
Coffee Sodas
A concentrated iced coffee topped with sparkling water, and choice of one house-made syrup.
Signature Beverage
"There's Gold in Them/Their Hills" by Candyce

A root beer float "sproda" with dairy or non-dairy vanilla whip and edible gold glitter.
Non-Coffee Drinks
Black, green, or herbal.
Chai Latte
A house-made concentrate with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.
Tea Latte
A concentrated tea of your choice topped with steamed or cold milk.
Shrub Soda
A combination of herbs and fruit fermented with sugar and apple cider vinegar.
A herbal digestif from Germany.
Iced Tea
Black or herbal.
Matcha Latte
Matcha whisked into hot water and topped with steamed or cold milk.
Steamed milk with or without one house-made syrup.
Plain or chocolate.
Cooler Drinks
Booda CBD Kombucha
Locally-made kombucha with 25mg CBD.
Devil's Foot Soda
Locally-made sodas.
Liquid Death
Sparkling or flat.
Buchi Kombucha
Fonta Flora - Lake James Rind - Morganton, NC
Adjunct lager with heritage corn, lime zest, tajin, and watermelon.
Fonta Flora - Fonta - Morganton, NC
A paloma-style ale brewed with grapefruit [ tart and tangy! ]
Burial - Surf Wax IPA - Asheville, NC
A blend of mosaic, citra, centennial and columbus hops.
Dila-O - White Blend - Khaketi, Georgia
This is an orange wine made with two native varietals. It is fermented and aged in underground qvevri (large terracotta clay pots). The Dakishvili family have several generations of oenological background. Dila-O is their product that represents an approachable introduction to orange wine. The wine is medium bodied and dry. It has a grip as you take the first sip but softens as it opens up.

dried apricot // honeydew melon // jasmine // baking spice
Bodan Roan - Pinot Noir - Lodi, CA
This is the quintessential expression of California pinot noir. It is balanced, lite bodied, clean, bright and slightly dry.

cherry // raspberry // earth // smoke
Plain Croissant
Vegan croissant from Back Porch Baking.
Savory Danish
Vegan savory danish from Back Porch Baking. Rotating seasonal ingredients.
Spinach & Cheese Croissant
Spinach and cheese on a croissant.
Ham & Cheese Biscuit
Ham and cheese on a biscuit.
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Ham and cheese on a croissant.
We offer butter, cream cheese, vegan cream cheese, almond butter or jam.
Rotating seasonal ingredients.
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Vegan & Gluten Free from Eat More Bakery.
Cardamom Buns
Vegan pastry from Back Porch Baking.
Blueberry Oatmeal Cup
Cultivated blueberries, nutty maple, and velvety oats.
Chocolate Croissant
Pure joy.
Fruit Danish
Rotating seasonal ingredients.
Roadtrip Bar
Four decadent Vegan & Gluten Free layers: granola, peanut butter, jam, and brownie.
Banana Bread
Vegan & Gluten free from Eat More Bakery.


The folks that bring us your favorite products!


MOUNTAIN AIR ROASTING | One of Our Favorite Roasters


FARM TO HOME MILK | Wholesome Country Creamer

SAVORY SPICE | Flavors We Love to Play With

BEE CHARMER | Local Honey

EAT MORE BAKERY | Vegan and Gluten Free Baked Goods

THE RHU | Local Baked Goods



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